What Is a 1/4 Asian Handicap in Dream Exchange Id?

So far, Asian Handicaps appear to be straightforward for Dream Exchange Id players. However, some people are perplexed by the concept of quarter-handicaps.


What Is the Definition of a Quarter Asian Handicap?

A quarter handicap, often called as a 'split' handicap, is formed by combining two handicaps to form a single handicap. Consider the following example:

  • Chelsea – 1.25
  • Everton – 1.25

Chelsea is a -1.25-goal favourite in this example, while Everton is a +1.25-goal underdog. So, what does all of this mean?

Assume you like Chelsea to not just win, but to win easily, and you want to put £100 on them at the -1.25-goal handicap.




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Asian Handicap Betting: Split Bets and Profitability

When you bet £100, you are really making two bets. In this scenario, half of your stake, £50, is placed on Chelsea -1 goal, while the other half is placed on Chelsea -1.5 goal. The -1-goal handicap and the -1.5-goal handicap are combined to form a combined -1.25 goal handicap. Does that make sense?

Assume the game is played and Chelsea wins by one goal. Did you make any money? Let's take a look at each "split" bet.

  • £50 on Chelsea -1.5 goals was a loser since Chelsea needed to win by at least two goals for you to win, and they only won by one.
  • £50 on a Chelsea -1 goal was fortunate in various aspects, but did not result in any profit. If Chelsea wins by one goal, this £50 bet gets reimbursed.

So, your Chelsea -1.25 wager would look like this:

  • Chelsea -1.5,
  • £50 BET LOST,
  • Return: -£50;
  • Chelsea -1,
  • £50 REFUNDED,
  • Return: £0.

You lose £50 in total.

Still perplexed? Don't be that way. Consider it this way. Remember that when you see a quarter Asian handicap, it is essentially two bets combined. What, for example, is the following handicap composed of?

  • Atletico Madrid +0.75
  • Real Madrid -0.75

That's correct. If you bet on Real Madrid -0.75 goals, you are effectively putting two bets: one on Real Madrid -0.5 goals and one on Real Madrid -1 goals. Isn't it simple?

Asian Handicap Betting Spread

If you're still perplexed, don't worry. We've created an easy-to-read Asian Handicap chart to assist you determine whether your Asian Handicap bet was a winner in a couple of seconds.

Excel Calculator for Asian Handicaps

The Dream Exchange Id Asian Handicap Calculator will not only tell you how many goals your team needs to win (or lose), but it will also tell you how much profit you will gain from your bet.

Here's how it's done:

  • Step 1: Determine your handicap. The Asian Handicap Calculator can calculate betting returns for the seven most frequent football handicaps, ranging from +/-0.25 goals to +/-1.75 goals.
Favourite Underdog
-0.25 +0.25
  • Step 2: Enter the handicap odds you obtained from your bookmaker
handicap Enter Odds
Favourite -0.25 2.050
  • Step 3: Enter your bet.
handicap Enter Odds Enter Stake
Favourite -0.25 2.050 10.00
  • Step 4: Enter the final goal margin, 0 for a tie, a negative number for a loss, and a positive number for a win.
handicap Enter Odds Enter Stake Final margin
Favourite -0.25 2.050 10.00 0
  • Step 5: With a single click, the Dream Exchange Id Calculator will automatically calculate your returns and profit if the match ends with that margin.
handicap Enter Odds Enter Stake
Favourite -0.25 2.050
Final margin Return Profit/Loss
Favourite -0.25 2.050 10.00