What is Asian Handicap Betting in Doexch Id?

Asian handicaps are a sophisticated type of handicap betting that has gained popularity for football gambling. Doexch Id will explain everything about Asian Handicap Betting,

Handicap betting is not limited to American football but is also common in basketball, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, and football, known as Asian handicap betting.


Why are Asian Handicaps popular?

Asian Handicap is a flexible and dynamic form of football spread betting that originated in Indonesia and has become popular in Europe.

They offer an interesting betting option for matches that may seem predictable. For example, when a top team competes against a relegation-threatened team, the 1X2 odds suggest an easy victory for the top team. However, the Asian Handicap market aims to create a level playing field by handicapping each team based on form and perceived ability. The relegation-threatened team may still lose, but the question becomes whether they will lose by two goals or more.




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Consistent Returns and Trading Opportunities in Asian Handicap Betting

Another reason Asian Handicaps have grown in popularity is their ability to produce consistent returns. For example, if you're a punter who looks for value in long odds underdogs, you could spend weeks without finding a winner, even if you're discovering actual value in those underdogs. Asian Handicap betting enables bettors to identify value in long-odds underdogs while also enjoying regular returns.

Asian handicaps also allow in-play football traders to create significant pre-match positions from which to trade both 1X2 markets and goal totals. Asian Handicap betting's dynamic character is what has actually made it the popular betting market that it is today.

Explaining Asian Handicap Betting

So, what is an Asian handicap? An Asian Handicap, as briefly explained in the above paragraph, aims to create a 50-50 scenario by assigning a goals handicap to each participating side. It is often displayed as follows:

  • Sunderland +1.5
  • Manchester City -1.5

In this example, Manchester City has been given a goals handicap of -1.5, whereas Sunderland has been given a goals handicap of +1.5.

What Exactly Does This Mean?

If you bet on Manchester City in this market, they would have to win by more than 1.5 goals, or by at least two goals, for you to win this bet. If you bet on Sunderland at +1.5, they may either win the match entirely or lose by less than 1.5 goals, or win the match altogether or lose by no more than one goal.

In this scenario, Manchester City is penalized 1.5 goals from their final goal total for Asian Handicap betting reasons, whereas Sunderland is rewarded 1.5 goals. If the final score is Manchester City 2 Sunderland 1, and you bet on Manchester City -1.5, simply subtract 1.5 goals from Manchester City's score. The final score is Manchester City 0.5, Sunderland 1. Unfortunately, even though Manchester City won the game, you lost your Asian Handicap bet since they failed to "win" after the 1.5 goal handicap was reduced from their final score.