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Exploring the Rise of Over Under Betting in Various Sports

There has been an upsurge in the sort of Over Under bets in recent years. You may now bet not only on the number of goals scored in a football match, but also on the number of corner kicks and even the number of yellow cards issued. This surge in applicability has been observed across all sports.

For example, you may now wager on whether a tennis match will end with more or fewer aces served, the number of free throws in a basketball game, or even the number of yards gained by a certain player in an American football game.

It's safe to assume that Over Under betting is extremely popular, and that some professional sports bettors specialize in it.


Moving Beyond Match Results to Over/Under Markets

When people start betting on sports for the first time, most of them focus on head-to-head match results. This makes sense, since it's what most of us already know. It takes a while for most bettors to start thinking about other markets, like betting on the number of goals or points scored over or under a certain number.




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1. Last Week Doesn't Count for Much

Yes, recent results do count. But most people are wrong about how important it is. At least if you want to beat the odds. People often talk about what a certain team has done in the last 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or something like that.

Yes, a team may have gotten a lot of goals or points in the last few games or weeks. But does this really give you a true picture of how likely a team is to score? Not really, no.

Over/Under: Team Scoring Potential Beyond Recent Form

To get a real idea of how likely a team is to score, you have to dig deeper and look at the bigger picture. Think about how they've scored in the last 20 games or more. It depends on the event, league, and how many and how often games are played in general.

Yes, current performance should be considered. But if you let a recent string of high-scoring or low-scoring games easily sway you, you will always lose your Over/Under bets.

And, more importantly, the naive betting public is often fooled by recent form. This means that there are opportunities in the Over/Under markets for those of us who prefer to think about real potential instead of making rash decisions based on a few weeks of form.

2. Keep an Eye on Events, Not Averages

People talking about the average number of goals scored in a match is something we see all too often.

Averages might be fine when looking at a very big sample size with few differences between the scores. But the trouble is that even if you look at 15 matches as a sample, one odd result can throw off the average.

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