What are the Best Cricket Betting Strategies by Betwinner Id?

Having a number of cricket betting strategies is important if you want to find value betting chances. No matter what type of cricket you are betting on, there are a number of ways to look at an upcoming match. Here, Betwinner Id talk about few ways to find value in cricket bets.


Read Up and Find Out What's Likely to Happens

Cricket is the only sport where the conditions of play matter more than in any other sport. Let's start with something that can't be changed: the weather. Anyone who bets on cricket online knows that it's important to check the weather predictions over the course of a match to see if the rain gods will affect how much play we get.

If it's going to rain a lot during a Test match, it makes sense that a draw is more likely because less cricket will be played. During a five-day Test match, it might rain, but we need to find out how much play might be lost by looking into the site and location.




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Cricket Betting Should Take Daylight and Rain into Account.

keep in mind that the sun sets much earlier in some countries than in others. This means that any lost overs will be hard to make up on the other days of a Test. If rain stops play for a few hours during a Test match in, say, Sri Lanka, it will be harder to make up that time than in, say, England, where the game can go on until 8 p.m. and still be played in bright sunshine.

When looking up tips on how to bet on cricket, make sure to double-check the rainy seasons. Tests in Asia, especially in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, are often played out of season, and the monsoons can ruin a whole day of play.

Betting on Cricket: Don't Let Weather Deter You.

Lastly, don't stop betting on the result of a game because there are clouds or it might rain. Clouds often help swing and seam bowlers so much that they make it several times harder for batsmen to hit the ball when they roll in. Lastly, keep in mind that run rates are always going up, which makes draws much less likely than they used to be.

History Of the Ground and the Pitch

As a follow-up to the first cricket betting plan, the next step is to guess what kind of pitch or wicket the venue might have. Along with the weather, cricket betting chances and the type of match are often based on the surface that the groundsman gives the players.

Even though no two pitches are the same from year to year, some tend to play the same because of the soil or grass, making it hard for a groundsman to change the pitch even if he wanted to. This means that some grounds, like Cape Town or Adelaide, tend to be slow, making it easy to bat for most of a Test match. Other grounds, like the WACA in Perth, help the faster bowlers because the pitch is so hard and gives the ball a high bounce and speed.