What Does Bettilt Id Recommend?

Bettilt Id recommend the 10% fractional Kelly technique. This helps you to preserve your total bankroll while diversifying and putting several bets on daily sporting events.

So, if your bankroll is £5000 and you bet on a team at 2.60 odds to win with a 50% chance of winning, we will have a 30% overlay. The recommended bet amount is computed as follows:

(bankroll * chosen fraction) * (overlay/(odds – 1))

i.e (£5000 * 10%) * (30% / 1.60)

(£500) * (18.75%)




Try it for yourself.

While there are numerous betting bankroll management strategies available, we believe that the Fractional Kelly method is the best because it takes into account the odds-on offer, the probability of a team or player winning, and the resulting value identified in order to recommend a bet amount that will optimize that value without risking your bankroll and an early end to your career as a sports bettor.




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Fractional Kelly's System for Managing Your Bankroll When You Bet

This is a simple and conservative variation on the Full Kelly strategy in which you bet much less than is normally recommended. This could be half (the Half Kelly), a quarter (the Quarter Kelly), or any other percentage that suits you. A partial Kelly strategy has been shown to provide better long-term outcomes than the Full Kelly approach, despite the notion that this will reduce your victories by the proportion you choose.

The Ever-Reliable Kelly of Money Management in Gambling

The Full Kelly method, but with the percentage recommendation based on a fixed value rather than a dynamic one. Therefore, instead of suggesting 15% of a fluctuating bankroll, it recommends a consistent 15%.

Bettilt Id allows you to place several wagers simultaneously.

The temptation to place bets on multiple outcomes at once is a drawback shared by all Kelly methods. Let's say you're interested in wagering on four different sports that are all taking place at the same time. What if the suggested bankroll percentages for Bet A, Bet B, Bet C, and Bet D are 25%, 35%, 35%, and 40%, respectively? This would be the equivalent of risking 135% of your bankroll, which is obviously not feasible.

Fractional Approach for Managing Bankroll Risk in Betting

Altering the percentages to risk the whole bankroll is another option. Thus, a 25% wager would become a 19% wager, a 10% wager would become a 10% wager, etc. The difficulty is that you are still risking your entire bankroll on four possible losers, and secondly, a 25% bet on a busy day (which becomes 19% in this example) is not given the same value as it would be on a day when it might be your sole bet. One alternative is to use a fractional approach, which guarantees that the total suggested will never above 100% of your bank, no matter how many events you want to wager on in a day.

The 100% mark could be reached, but as we all know, it's possible to bet on twenty or more events in a single day.