Betstarexch Id Guide:

An Introduction to Cricket Betting

You may wager on cricket in a variety of ways. Most bookmakers such as Betstarexch Id now have a comprehensive menu of cricket betting markets, allowing you to find a variety of value betting angles to exploit, whether you're betting on test cricket, one-day internationals, or the increasingly popular T20 format. We describe the most popular cricket betting markets and how to bet on them in this section.


Match Result & Series Winner

The match outcome is, of course, the most popular market for betting on a cricket match. In limited overs contests, there are only two possible outcomes, with either team winning. In Test matches, the third possible outcome is, of course, a draw. Betting on the outcome of a series is very similar to the above. We can wager on the likely winner as well as the overall series score.

When betting on Test matches, keep in mind that draws are becoming less and less common as run-rates rise - only bad weather or a very flat pitch currently stand in the way of a positive outcome.




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Leading run-scorer and wicket-taker

Bettors can also wager on leading run scorers and wicket takers in each innings and/or match in both the match and series results. This is a very advantageous market since trends emerge frequently, such as leading run scorers playing inside the first three positions of a batting line-up in limited overs cricket, as they get to face the most balls and bat when opposing captains have to have the field up during a power-play.

Partnership with the Highest Opening

Highest opening partnerships might also be an attractive market for bettors to play. Quite often, a specific batter struggles against a specific bowler (see Atherton example above), and as a result, some research into how different batsmen perform against specific bowlers might provide good results.

Player of the Match

Certain players, like in any sport, have an x-factor that makes them excellent contenders to turn up a remarkable, match-winning performance. A batsman known for making fast fire hundreds or a bowler known for delivering a spell in which he takes many wickets are excellent prospects to pay out in the Man of the Match market.

Boundaries Number

Betting on the overall number of boundaries - whether fours or sixes - is another burgeoning area for punters. This may be a team match, with some teams packed full of players who can hit sixes with ease, while other sides may have batsmen who aim to work the ball into gaps and knock fours. There are some venues that are ideal for six hitting, whether due to narrow playing areas (think Christchurch, New Zealand) or matches played at high altitudes where the ball travels higher through the air (think Johannesburg, South Africa).

Betstarexch Id Sports Betting Intuition Requires Patience and Experience.

Finally, understand that it takes time. It's similar to learning a new skill. Even if you want to construct sophisticated betting models for predicting match results, developing an intuitive sense for value and 'gut feel' for betting markets will frequently provide the foundation for even such an abstract approach.

Experience is the most powerful form of information. This is essentially the task when building a feeling of value. Finally, it comes down to building rich and deep expertise for the betting markets, and experience worth anything is experience obtained well.