Reddy Anna Id: Guide to Find Fixed Match

How to Spot a Fixed Match and Avoid It?

Having said that, there is no denying that match rigging occurs. It has been revealed and reported by Reddy Anna Id punters on several occasions in sports including cricket, tennis, basketball, and, of course, football. How can we recognize fixed athletic events if they occur from time to time?


Unusual Pre-Match Odds

Betting odds are often a representation of the amount of money wagered on a specific event. For example, if Chelsea is listed at 2.30 odds to defeat Arsenal and a continuous stream of money is bet on Chelsea in the days running up to the match, the bookmaker will reduce Chelsea's odds appropriately.

In this sense, a betting market is analogous to a financial market, with punters "buying" or "selling" specific match outcomes. The market adjusts as more bettors "buy" Chelsea's odds to win the match. As the demand for Chelsea's victory odds rises, so do their odds.




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How Does All of This Help Us Recognize a Rigged Game?

If betting odds reflect demand and supply, then match odds should be an accurate representation of the genuine possibility of an outcome occurring. However, when the demand for odds on a specific event becomes so large that it distorts the market, there is a good possibility that the outcome has been fixed. This is especially true in lesser-known leagues, where betting markets are already highly fluid and matches are more vulnerable to match fixing due to lower player and referee wages.

Decoding Football Draw Probability Fluctuations

if the chances for a draw reduce in the hours leading up to a particular football match, it is because a big amount of money has been bet on the draw. A minor decrease in the probabilities of a drew result may appear innocuous. Maybe the weather forecast has shifted. Perhaps the outcome of other matches has reduced the need for one of the opposing sides to win. If, on the other hand, the decline in odds for the draw is significant, it is due to a large and irregular bet on the draw.

Understanding Draw Odds and Mutual Benefits in Italian Football

This is especially noticeable near the end of the Serie A season, when the odds for drawn outcomes are often given at less than even money. This is because Serie A football has a type of "tradition" of teams aiding one another with mutually advantageous results in end-of-season fixtures. In reality, during the 2000/2001 Serie A season, there have been 76 end-of-season matches where the odds for the draw were the preferred outcome (i.e. less than the odds for either team to win the match), with 30 of those matches having the draw at less than even money at kickoff.

22 of the 30 matches finished in a tie. In comparison, there has not been a single English Premier League match played during the same time period in which the draw was listed as the pre-match favourite result.

The graph below depicts the amount of money moved on a drew match for Betfair Serie A 1X2 markets on the 2nd and 3rd of April, 2011. As we can see, an unusual amount of money was traded on the Chievo vs. Sampdoria match, causing the odds for the draw to fall from 3.00 to a close of about 1.55. The game would conclude in a tie.